Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday Specials: A Sweet Mother's Day

Last Sunday (May 9,2010) was mother's day and my family and I celebrated my mom's special day at home. 

At church, a family rendered a song number as a tribute to mothers. The youngest among the sons cried in the middle of the performance maybe because he really felt the wonderful lyrics he was dedicating to his mom who was at the audience. Some of the people watching got teary-eyed. Iba talaga pag lalaki na ang umiiyak. And so it was a very touching number and it was well appreciated not just by mothers but everyone who has ever been a mom, daughter, or son.

We had a simple dinner back home. My cousins and I decided to buy a very sweet cake for my own mama, my cousins' mom who was my aunt, and our grandmother. On second thought, since all our moms are not fond of sweets (diabetes, aging) , we kinda knew they would all end up eating little of the cake we'll give (hehehehe). Anyway, the cake shop ran out of the gel they use to write dedications on the cakes so we had to improvise by buying small Nips from a nearby tindahan.. Our gift ended up looking like this...

Cousin 1: mukhang "I O U" (i owe you)
Mama: ano yan? tao? (stick man)
Tita: di ko mabasa.. (i cant read it)
Well, it's the thought that counts, though. Happy Mother's Day to your mom's too!