About Me


Just sharing a Filipina balogger's positive and hopeful point of view about the country, the internet in general, the southern Manila city scene, quirks about life and some footnotes on her church and beliefs.

Starting April 2011, the author has changed the blog's name from LDS Filipina to The Hopeful Filipina's blog because she believes she does not fully embody being an LDS, maybe some other worthy LDS members can better embody this membership, however, the blogger is proud of being one.


Why hopeful? I think that being hopeful is something that is constant with me. Something that is both a fault and a positive trait. But mainly, I want to sound hopeful because in hoping there's always a promise of better things. I like to always sound that way and to also be positive in this small blog. So there, my friends, happy reading! :)

Sincerely, Flor