Friday, July 16, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance...

Who says we can't have fun? Here are my fellow singles dancing their hearts out just at our local church dance social. . . Not your typical church activity, eh? 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Antioxidants for a New and More Beautiful You

All women (and men) these days highly value beauty and skin care. It's always crucial to keep our appearance in check because this is how other people create their first impressions about us. We have to make sure that we use the right type of products that would improve our skin. Whenever I buy skincare products, I always look for certain qualities. They should contain antioxidants, have sufficient sun protection, and most importantly, they have to fight signs of aging. Anti-aging has become an increasingly in demand quality in leading skincare brands.

Oxis International carries a line of skin care products that are based on powerful natural substances and are made of potent antioxidants. According to, one of the compounds of their products, Ergothioneine, is made up of the popular but beneficial ingredient, glutathione, along with vitamins C and E. Thus, detoxification is one of the major benefits of Ergothioneine. This super anti oxidant helps eliminate harmful free radicals in our skin.

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Have a beautiful day!