Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Take on Cars

Good evening everyone.

It's been quite tiring to get home with all the commuting that I do. I ride 3 buses to get to work, not to mention all the walking that you still need to do to be able to reach the office that sometimes I wish I have a driver and a car! Well, I guess hiring a driver is quite luxurious but having a car is doable and achieveable. These days having a car and learning how to drive are almost necessities. You can go anywhere at any time you choose when you have a car of your own. That's why at times I really dream of having one and of course, it's one of the things that I really aspire to own one day.

I really prefer the small Suzuki Swift. I really adore it's cute but sleek features and it's appearance is like the car is made for a girl. I really dream of going on a ride in this car. I love the white-colored Swift most especially and just a few weeks back, I saw it on display on a nearby mall. Since I coincidentally found it on display, I felt as if this car and I are truly meant to be! But then again, I am too young and have to save up for more important things. But buying a car, albeit small, is really one of my aspirations. I think that having a property like that is a good investment, as well.

Since we all know that cars are valuable properties, we always have to be cautious about the type of vehicles to purchase. I might prefer the Suzuki Swift because of it's appearance but my father and sister always advise that there should be specifications to look for and guidelines to follow in choosing a car. Well, of course for me I appreciate appearance best because I don't know much yet about driving and car specs. The advice they've given me are quite practical.Of course, the car must be able to fit  your needs, like if you're going to use it in the city or for long drives on rough terrain. You must have to means to be able to pay for the car, too, especially if it is a loan. You have to make sure that the spare parts can be bought within the country and easily accessible. And also that it should be brought to the best car repair services for maintenance.

As you can see, I'm not keen on car terms so I can't give out the best advice when it comes to car maintenance and purchase but I still can't wait to have a car that I can call my own. See you around!