Sunday, November 14, 2010

Looking good in Scrubs

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Back when I was on duty as a nurse in the hospital, we always wear our generic light blue scrub suits to work especially on the O.R. or operating room. Of course we love wearing them since they are so comfortable... but then they fit so badly . We look so frumpy with no regard to fashion, whatsoever. Mind you, we have the same color of scrub suits as the ones they were wearing in the TV show, Grey's Anatomy and we just can't make our uniforms fit right or look as good as what the doctors wear in that show.

Finally, scrub suits that you could actually look great in
Recently, I'm being intrigued by the rave reviews on Blue Sky scrubs, maker of customized surgical scrubs and medical uniforms in the U.K. When I searched their testimonials page for women's scrubs, almost everyone gave a high mark on wearability of the scrub and the fact that they fit so well. I love the part when a customer said most scrubs indicate that they 're size 'XS' but they still fit like a trash bag. But when she wore Blue sky scrubs, she loved the fit and felt that she actually looked good in it and not frumpy any longer. That's because the top, they said, was tapered so it probably gives you a waist. The good quality fabric used in these nursing uniform scrubs were also loved by the customers.

I think that as a nurse, if you want to do your job well, the medical scrubs that you wear is also important. If you look and feel good in what you wear it could help  maximize your performance. I had a classmate once who kept raising and adjusting her sleeve while working. That is not good when you are in an aseptic environment or when you are scrubbing on an operation and you really feel the urgency to adjust your sleeve just because it's too big. Another of my duty buddies had a cap which kept falling over her eyes. You won't be as helpful when your vision is impaired just because of an ill-fitting scrub hat! So I think I would love to try Blue Sky scrubs and hats. They have a good product line. After all, I heard that their shipping is fast and customer service is good.

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Nurse Scrub said...

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alia52nalie said...

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