Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter everybody!

My easter may not have been as eventful as everyone's, having not joined any Easter Egg Hunt activities. Random fact: today our local SM has a special promo selling eggs at 1 peso a piece. Imagine that! What a nice way to celebrate this holiday!

Okay, so this Easter, I have learned something, too and for me every learning experience is a good experience.

Today, we had a chance to visit one of my friends' friend, a guy who, as they say, has lost his way in this life. Or probably, he has chosen a path that even he himself describes as non-exemplary. He used to be a spiritual, scripture-reading person and had a future goal of sharing the gospel until one day he realized this all stopped and he already has an entirely different life. I can assume that what he now is, is not an overnight experience but an accumulation of choices that he has made along the way.

At one point in the visit, he tried so badly to avoid us, keeping himself in his room, also pretending he has somewhere to go to. He left us at his house. But when he came back to get his wallet, we grabbed the chance and did all that we can to persuade him to join us. We wanted to be close to him and make him feel sincere that we were there for him. Well, all's well that ends well, he did join us and we gave him a message about the importance of scripture study and its benefits on our lives, and how, if we hold fast to its teachings, we will be able to "thwart the fiery darts of the devil" (if I'm not mistaken) and avoid temptation.

Well what I remember most was his message. He told us that he can relate a lot about temptation. He gave us a message that felt powerful to me. He said that if you give in to one temptation, something will come that will be an even bigger temptation than the first, until you give in to that too. And if you give in to that, you will give in to many more and become numb in the end.

So true, so true and so powerful. I never thought that the visit can evoke him to say these things to us. The guy who tried hard to avoid us ended up giving us his piece of mind, his feelings and testimony. I hope that we can all persuade him to come back with us.

So there. I've shared with you my Easter learning. Have a nice day and I hope we could all remember the essence of the Jesus' atonement and Resurrection which we commemorate today.

Happy Easter :)

Sincerely, Flor

PS. I hope the message in the picture would ring true in my life as well. I'm going through something too, as with all people, we are all plagued with temptations that are pretty hard to battle. Hopefully, I can spring back 

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