Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jubilee Kick Off

One Heart One Mind
The Church will celebrate it's 50th year anniversary in the Philippines on the year 2011.
So before anything else, we had a Jubilee Fireside Kickoff last January 3, 2009 at the AFP Theater. Ilang mga members lang sa stake namin ang nabigyan ng tickets. My family (except me, huhuhu) was there to join in that historic event. Right now Im green with envy.

Our stake provided a wonderful song number.. "United" (sorry i cant give you a vid right now, but they said it was great, well, to each his own)
What I am truly excited about is this:

One of the countrywide projects for the Jubilee is the rendering of two million service hours from 2009 to 2011 by members of the Church. Members are encouraged to do various acts of service in their communities, record their service hours, and report these to the Area Jubilee Committee or to the Public Affairs Department.

When this was revealed to our wards, we thought it would be an impossible task. But like the theme of the Jubilee, if we had one heart and one mind, we can accomplish this great feat. We were all excited to give out helping hands to our communities.

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Anonymous said...

Good day Ma'am,

Can i get a copy of the logo? I'm making a shirt design to be used by the community on our place. Thank you, and hoping for your reply.