Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beauty and Confidence

Beauty is synonymous to confidence. Sometimes if we feel good about how we look outside, we also feel good about what we are inside. This can also be evidenced by the people who go on makeovers on television, who after acquiring their new look, swear that they have a better outlook on life and develop a more confident personality

But as we age, physical beauty is more and more difficult to maintain. It's great for the rich people, they always have the resources to go have a face lift, a tummy tuck or a botox injection every once in a while. But to maintain beauty, they also swear by using tried and tested skin care products and beauty regimens.

Some are very sure that the cleanser-toner-moisturizer ritual is the best. Others add that sunblock is essential as it helps stop aging by blocking UV rays. Some use special , albeit expensive, creams that they use for day or night to soften facial skin and fight wrinkles. Some use equipment like wands and special scrubs. 

Whenever i visit my favorite beauty stores, I am always hunting for the best moisturizers and sunblocks. Recently, I've been having sun spots by neglecting my skin when I travel and do activities outdoors. I've found that sunblocks are truly important and must be worn all year round. So i must really put an emphasis on this. Please don't forget to wear your sunblock. You must wear it before your moisturizer. Well, for moisturizers, i am still looking for the best water based moisturizer for sensitive skin. Water based and organic products are still the best. All of us must do things to make us both look and feel beautiful even if you have to go through a lengthy skin care regimen.

I say, beauty is not skin deep! It's true, these products are only applied to our skin. But if we look great, we develop confidence to go through our days with ease.

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