Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dating, Ducks, and Brain Hemorrhage: Liahona April 2010

 Have you noticed something different with this month's issue? There were so many references to marriage and dating! I'm sure lot of us were pumped to read the features after seeing the cover page with the word "Dating" on the bottom. My single friends were practically teasing each other on who'd be getting hitched next. I guess dating and courtship is really an exciting (and a much-awaited) topic to talk about and the writers of the magazine got it right to convey that message this month. 
According to a recent survey, the *Liahona magazine is being subscribed to and read by a larger portion of youth and young adults than any other age class. 
The new Liahona magazine  has been divided into sections according to age groups namely the Youth, Children and Young adults. This is a great new feature . Now we can have access to the articles that we can relate to the most.  And since more of the magazine's readers are young adults, the dating-courtship-and marriage topic was spot-on.
Spotlight on Dating
I especially like the Advice to Young Men and Young Women on Dating (p 50-52). The message was given by the Young Men and Women General Presidencies. They counseled that we should become the persons we would like to date and presented a bulleted list of qualities to develop that would make us "attractive and interesting". The bulleted list made it seem so easy but it was quite challenging as I try to review how I am in terms of dating.

My idea of a boyfriend would be someone who is great with church callings, has a good job, a great cook, can make me laugh and is handsome like John Krasinski (haha, well, a girl can dream). Now, I think I could only ask to date this kind of guy if I also have these same qualities.  Changes won't happen overnight so I better start improving on myself right now.
Anyway, so let's say a guy asks you out tonight.  According to the article, here are some questions to consider before saying Yes :
- does he have a strong and good character?
- is he trustworthy and dependable?
- is he honest?
- is he respectful and kind to others and to me?
- is he unselfish?
- does he respect my parents and honor his parents?
- does he honor his priesthood?
- does he motivate me to be my very best?
- is he worthy to attend the temple?
Whew! Those are tough questions for the guys to keep up with. So you boys better be prepared!
When Ducks Don't Float 
       Another article (p58) i liked was about the ducklings who were too young and who didn't have enough of the 'waxy oil' needed to make them float. They immediately sank in the water when they didn't have their mother to help them  stay afloat. It is a good parable about obeying our parents. They alone would know if we are ready to float on the big pond.
Call an Ambulance
       Speaking of parents, this story on p 41 was particulary touching to me. It speaks of a man who after feeling a sharp pain on his left received and followed a prompting that saved his life. It was exactly what happened with my mother who had a brain hemorrhage last 2000. My mother too experienced having a numbing pain on only one side of the body and my father who surprisingly didn't go to work that day carried her to the hospital. My father remembers not even being able to wear slippers bec of the emergency.
       Also, as with the story, my mother recovered miraculously fast. She received a priesthood blessing that night before the surgery. We were really grateful that because of the blessing given my mother is here with us right now without even slurring speech or any form of paralysis. Aneurysms and strokes usually cause things like this to happen. My mother is very healthy and normal ..and thankful for the miracle that happened 10 years ago.
How about you? Any thoughts on the Liahona?
*The Liahona Magazine is the official magazine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Biyaheng Pinoy said...

Yes, better work on ourselves before starting to dream of our perfect man/woman. :)

ldspinay said...

that's right!

marikoy said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog din. There's a poem I found long time ago in New Era that I posted on my blog... medyo related sa post na to. I'm sure you'll like the poem, because I really liked it since I was a YW pa. It's at

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