Sunday, December 25, 2011

Joy Inventory #2

(... and help for Sendong victims)

Merry Christmas everyone!

One of my fondest christmas memories was when I was young maybe a few years back, there was one christmas eve where we (mama, my sister, baby brother) joined papa in the last simbang gabi. We were actually after the family bonding and the breakfast that comes after. Sometimes we eat at Mcdo or buy putobungbong that's why everyone is so hyped to go. 

Then at that christmas day, after the simbang gabi, we went home, the air was very cool and we, all of us, snuggled with our parents in their bed like sardines, side by side. it was very cozy and we were laughing a little before we went back to sleep that early morning.  That' when i remember then how much i love my family and  how grateful I am that all of us are together.


For today's joy inventory:
1. because of the gifts i received, i find it wonderfully surprising that a lot of people actually care about me..,, sometimes we tend to forget
2. my family is complete
3. we had a successful choir presentation after just 1 practice hahaha

Today, at church, everyone was in a very festive mood. It's so fun to see again the people close to you and having the chance to wish them well this Christmas and for the upcoming new year.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude for the wonderful, thoughtful gifts i got. you can tell that these givers took so much time and effort to be able to give the best gift. After all it' s the thought that counts.

Anyway, Christmas is also the best time to reach out and give. On our last company christmas party, instead of the common practive of exchanging gifts, we were asked to pledge/donate for our colleagues in Taiwan (flood victims) and our fellow pinoys in Cagayan de Oro.  i am now using up this space because I know that we have a lot of fellow Filipinos who are in the midst of trying times. Typhoon Sendong have left people homeless this christmas.

Here are ways to help:

Hope you have a wonderful christmas day!

Sincerely, Flor

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